Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I had a fun trip to the mainland last week...the weather was perfect with the thermometer reaching 29 degrees in the city of Moncton,  Our first port of call, so to speak...was Bath and Body Works.  Because the shop is small and usually packed with shoppers, I seldom get photos and this day was no different,   The store was hosting it's Semi Annual Sale..most body washes, hand soap and body sprays were $3. each.  For $39 I filled my bag with enough great smelling goodies to last for months. They have a men's line as well...which smell amazing...so Mr. Seventies is flush with a good supply as well.

After a delicious lunch at our favourite diner, we hit up Pier 1.  So much to see...like these gorgeous candle holders!  Love the hurricane globes on the top...these would look beautiful just about any where...

I'm crushing big time on this milk can lamp...and that shade...to die for...just saying...

Would these not be beautiful at either end of a farmhouse table?  I think so too....

Who doesn't love a stack of farm animals?

I had to chuckle at this interesting fellow....a conversation piece I guess...

We then visited another great shop,,,and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it.  I've been there many times....yet the name escapes me.  Pretty quilt sets to brighten any bedroom...and the prices were a steal!!

There is a large selection for framed paintings...this one is my favourite...

I think someone left in a hurry for work today...and forgot to take her nose and mouth....while cute she looks unfinished to me....

Back home while cruising our local Home Sense...I came across this unique floor lamp.  Yep...that's feathers.  Just different enough for me to like it....

I also came across a French Bulldog covered set of queen size sheets.  They are wrapped, addressed and ready to mail off to my nephew and his wife.   They will love them for sure...Daisy, their female Frenchie continues to recover from her back surgery and will visit one of the canine rehabilitation centres next month to continue her rehab,   She's suffered a mild setback...the rehab centre will help her greatly. They continue to work with her at home as well. 

This morning Liesel is having a spa day.  She is a lucky lady for sure.  The sun is out..the sky is blue..it's a good day to have a good day.  Make sure you have one!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Exterior - Before and After

We had a wet and very windy weekend!  The wind was so strong...it knocked my garden flag out of the ground.  The pool was full of leaves and pine needles...thankfully the furniture and barbecue were covered from the rain.  The potted flowers were tucked in under the eaves...annoyingly I lost three potted plants...they just up and died.  Next year I'm only going to do one or two pots.

Our Rhododendrons are absolutely gorgeous this year!!  First time blooming for this purple one...she is a beauty!

And this crimson one is gorgeous!  For many years it only had a couple of blooms...now look at her...( I feel they are girls)...

The photo shows up as have red blooms...but the colour is more of a dark cranberry...either way we are enjoying the clusters of colours....

Look what I came across...and old photo of our seventies split...in all her original non-glory!  The photo must have been taken after the leaking car port was torn down...and the driveway had huge tire ruts where a camper had sat for quite some time!  

The old aluminum siding...wood windows that had been varnished shut (who does that)...and those two ugly clumps of something growing on the lawn!  Mr. Seventies got out the chainsaw, then dug for hours to remove them and their roots!   Notice how small the tree on the left is...now it's up to the roof!  And who doesn't love that "faux rock" on the front...most of it was falling off.  Its difficult to see in the photo...but if we had left the current walkway in place...it would take you right into the tree!    Funny how people plant trees and shrubs and don't consider they are going to grow!

Yet, I knew we could turn this sow's ear into a silk purse!  That...and the house was within our tight budget. 

Quite a difference...the windows and siding have been replaced, new entrance doors, driveway redone twice ...and of course Mr. Seventies landscaping abilities.  The roof has been re-done twice since we purchased in 1998. as well.

There was no back deck...just a set of rickety old steps.  We built the first deck in August 1994...it is still there.  Not one board has required replacement...although the first set of steps Mr. Seventies built were torn off last year and a new set built.   Of course, then he constructed a pedway to the pool and completely enclosed the pool for privacy and safety. 

I have some photos to share from my day trip to the mainland.  Will do that tomorrow!  Have a great day!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Favourite Picks

I spent an evening this week checking out a couple of my favourite stores...Bed Bath and Beyond and Michaels.  While beautiful... I'm not ready to rush into fall just yet!

Gorgeous, lush colours though!

With the rush to get to fall, Michaels has all their summer decor on sale!  Yay!

I scored a pretty wreath for the back entrance!  At 40% off and gift card...it was a grand total of $0 - my kind of sale!  Most wreaths were too thick and bulky...we still need to be able to close the inside door without squishing a wreath against the storm door!  This summery one fits the bill!

This isn't really fall decor per say...but these pieces replaced shelves of summer decor, flotation devices, flamingo cushions and melamine dinnerware pieces!

Seeing these bread boxes every were now!  Almost considered replacing ours..this one is much smaller and takes up less room.  

I hadn't been in to Bed Bath and Beyond in ages...I prefer mostly to shop on their online store as there is greater selection.  Remember that throw pillow/cushion addiction I have? I swear this one fell into my cart!!  Ok...that's a fib...but look!  It has adorable birds...and the colours are perfect! (aren't they always?)

You have to agree with me....it looks perfect in the master bedroom.   There is a shortage of pillows on the bed....hehehe.
I switched out the quilts...placing the lighter one on the bed...and the pink rosette quilt folded across the bottom.  At nighttime it gets folded and placed into a basket on the floor..with a mound of pillows piled on top! 

Oh my gosh...look at this precious piggy!  I must have been born on a farm in a previous life!  Between bunnies and cows....pigs and roosters make their way in somehow! Just saying...

A pretty dish towel caught my eye...

Is this not the cutest towel rack ever!  I almost purchased it...for Mr. Seventies install on one of the pool deck walls!  Which would work perfectly...if we didn't get such strong winds!  I could see this being used to hang pool towels...but one good gust...and towels would end up in the pool....and the sun would bleach out the colours of the painted chairs...the weather would be so rough on it. 
I'm still rustling this one around in my brain...it may appear at a later date....

I had a fun day of shopping and eating out on the mainland yesterday with my bestie.  We always have an adventure of some sorts. There was road construction going on everywhere...we sat in traffic for about half an hour or so...just to get to Bath and Body Works store.  But...oh it was worth the wait!  

With the next three days forecasting rain...and lots of it...I'm going to get out and enjoy this beautiful day!  Hope you are able to do the same!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bouquets To Brighten Your Day

The sun is shining and it's going to be a beautiful day!  I have two bouquets from our gardens to share . Thrilled to see the lilac hedge back from their vacation...for a number of years they yielded no blooms...but they have returned!

Mr. Seventies spread lime under them last fall.  The problem could be the hedge is partially covered by a huge Norway Maple tree shading a great part of the hedge.  When we first purchased our home 30+ years ago...that tree was a mere feet high.   The couple who originally owned our home...live a few houses down the road...and shared with us that Norway Maple was a Father's Day gift many years ago from his children!

We have purple and white Allium...which apparently can survive anything!  Mr. Seventies was convinced he dug them all up and moved them to various spots through out the gardens.  And yet a huge crop bloomed again in the same spot!  They are too pretty to pass up...

Yes, those are some of my beloved bunnies.  Don't judge....lol.

Road trip to the mainland tomorrow!  While it's forecast to be a balmy 25 degrees here...it will be much hotter inland.  I have a few things I'm looking for...a new wreath for the back door, a trip to the Bath and Body Works shop and of course a cruise around Pier 1!

Hope you have sun where you are today!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

And......Summer Has Arrived!!

We've been having glorious weather here lately...much deserved I might add!  Of course...we were outside over the weekend...as much as possible!

The patio is set up...it's so great to have an extra room outside...

I still have some "tweaking" to do...but overall I'm loving the space.  I was concerned about protection from the sun, but usually by lunch time or shortly after, the sun is moved around to the front of the house.  

The pieces are really very well constructed!  When not in use....,we put covers on everything. Which means I'm picking up a deck box or tote to store the covers.  

And...since wet bums will not be allowed to sit on the cushions...we set up a corner on the pool deck with chairs that are fine to sit in until suits are dry or a change of clothes.  I'm not one to sit around in a wet bathing suit...which is why I have more than 1 or 2...I dislike it that much.  

The pool deck gets full sun...from early morning until nightfall...so this is a perfect spot to warm up and dry off. 

And the pool is fully operational....Mr Seventies put the steps in (which required him to go for his first dip)...the water temperature had already reached 24 degrees!  You won't get that warm water in the North Atlantic!  I'm not a lover of salt water or the beach,  I prefer our own private sanctuary.

The annuals are doing great in pots on the steps, however one of the Impatiens died.  We purchased two....one is blooming beautifully...and the other just looked horrible.  Mr. Seventies decided to stick it in the flower beds, but isn't very hopeful it will last. 

My little garden flag has made an appearance again this year...

The bar-b-que grill is close at hand...Mr. Seventies is a Master Bar-b-quer...if there was a contest, he would win top prize.  

After church yesterday, we celebrated a wonderful Father's Day!  We had a delicious meal followed by caramel chocolate cheesecake for dessert! Mr Seventies deserves it all...he is very much loved! He received gift cards, a Clematis he'd been wanting...and a tablet and case.  He is enjoying learning how to use it...and all the options it has!  Your welcome dear!

Currently overcast here...but clouds are forecast to move out and sun is expected!  And we'll be outside enjoying it all!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

For Those of Us Who Love Tarts

I burn tarts in my warmer every day!   I use electric warmers...which use a small voltage light bulb...candles are not my thing.

I have tried many tarts....I've purchased them at BedBathandBeyond, Scentsy, hand made soy tarts...but my favourite, long last smelling tarts are sold at Wal Mart.  The price has slowly creeped up, like everything else and for a package of Scensationals tarts is $3.97 + HST.

When I drop into my local Wal Mart...I always cruise through the candle and tart section. And discovered their newest additions!  Decorative boxes with five packages of tarts....for less than $14!!

I know, right?  Almost too good to be true!  Each box contains five packs of tarts!   Now, being the picky tart person that I am...there are certain scents that I prefer over others.  Not a problem...I just switched them out!  That way...I get the scents I love!  Hopefully, it's not illegal or anything like that...I'm still purchasing the same number of tarts...just my choice!  So, I may or may not have stock piled 3-4 boxes of tarts!    One package in the collection is new to me....Pancake Batter...o m gee...it smells so amazing.  I seem to prefer the "food" scented tarts...as opposed to the floral scents.

My favourites are Cherry Berry, Sugar Maple Pie, Cinnamon Buns, Warm Apple Pie...and of course the Pancake Batter ones, 

My house smells like I've been baking for hours!  True story...a few years ago...I had sold a corner cabinet..that needed to be gone...to make room for Liesel's kitchen crate.  A sweet gal bought the cabinet...and the next day she called to ask what scent of tart I was using!  Her children came home from school and thought their Momma had baked cookies!  But it was the cabinet....it absorbed the tart scent.   I gave her the rundown on my favourite scents....and she did end up making a batch of cookies to keep her brood happy!

We set the wicker furniture on the deck last evening!  Will get some photos to share...looks like another gorgeous day on our fair Isle!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

An Afternoon At the Greenhouse

Mr. Seventies enjoys a vist to a greenhouse in Summerside...as they carry perennials he doesn't find locally.  That being said...two...well three events dampened the trip let's just say.  Firstly, I forgot to charge my phone...which allowed me to take a limited number of photos.  Secondly...we took Liesel with us.....usually she is very happy to get out and about.  Usually...but not on this day.  Her anxiety level was through the roof once we arrived at the greenhouse...which meant she was pulling and lunging at things and people...very discontent to say the least.  It was a warm day...she worked herself up to the point where she was over heating.

She and I spent most of the visit...in the SUV...with the air going full blast and sipping cold water.

And...we were unaware of the road construction.  To be precise...a round about is being constructed between the main highway and the entrance into Summerside,  Had we known...we could have taken an alternate route...but who doesn't want to sit in traffic for thirty five minutes?

Just so you know...traffic flow is a huge issue for us.  Then add about 1 million tourists in the summer...and you get the picture.  Our 1960's one lane highways and roads are not meant to accommodate the number of vehicles we have on our roads.  The solution...seems to be installing traffic lights.  Because that won't cause congestion or anything.  Then we discovered roundabouts...so now they are being put in everywhere....and I do mean everywhere.  One roundabout...in a residential area..is so small...many drive over it...before they realize it is even there!

Ok, grumbling over.  I was able to get a few photos....and just look at the blue sky!  It was such a beautiful day!  There is a really cute Dairy Bar on the property as well...

While Mr. Seventies cruised the greenhouses (in the back of the main store)....I attempted to roam the garden supply area with Liesel.   (He picked up two perennials and a couple of annuals). I love the metal folk art tin farm animals....

While cute and quaint..the $99 price tag was a bit much.  Especially when they are going to sit outside and rust.  The pig was cute....kind of. 

They had a beautiful selection of garden flags....this particular one I so wanted for use at Christmas time.  They had sold out...and I was not on my game....or I would have inquired if they would allow me to purchase the display flag! 

Before Liesel...we were owned by three rescue dachshunds....Xena, Schatzi and Oskar.  This flag would have been awesome...as all were adopted through rescue. Liesel was obtained through a CKC registered breeder...which was something I wanted to experience rather than going the rescue route again.  I fully support rescues...after spending 12 years as a rescue volunteer it will always be close to my heart,  

Mr. Seventies planned to visit a new brewery which opened in a former train station on the Main Street in Summerside...but the didn't open until 5:00 p.m. on Mondays!  Disappointing, but cause for another road trip...on another day.

When we have the opportunity...we visit Michael's Pizza...and order a delicious pizza to take home!
The best pizza ever...and they did not disappoint this time.  It's cheaper to buy an 18" pizza with four toppings and a 2L of pop....than a 14" pizza with four toppings...and no pop included. No brainer there!  And it feeds us for about three days!  Until we are sick of it....til next time. 

Don't let this angelic face fool you...you can see where she has attempted to tear up her car seat...during a tantrum.

Actually by this time, she settled in...and enjoyed the drive home immensely.  And I ask...how could you not love that precious face?

We plan to set up the patio deck this evening!   Deck staining completed...so we need some comfy furniture to be outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!!