Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Islander Day!

Today is a provincial holiday...Islander Day.  This holiday was tossed in the mix a few years back..and since I was a working gal..having a paid day off was okay with me.  I would have preferred they give the day in July or August...but whatever.  A day off is a day off, right?

So.....a little update and rant on the quilt I purchased on eBay.  The seller has done as promised and the quilt was on it's way to me immediately (from the US).  The trouble begins when it arrives in Charlottetown. According to the tracking arrived in Charlottetown on February 11, 2017.  On February 14...tracking delay.  Huh?  It's is storming in a particular part of the city and not in my area?  If you remember...this is the quilt...

Just so you know, the package is currently with CanPar (google them..and read all kinds of negative comments about their delivery service).  I emailed them two days ago...they assured me my parcel would arrive in 48 hours but they were having "difficulty in my area".  Whatever the heck that means...still no parcel.  I wrote them again...advising if it is in Charlottetown...tell me where...and I will pick it up!!  No response as yet.

When purchasing from the US, it is common for items to be handled and processed by a number of shipping institutions....USPS for example.  When the item has cleared customs...a Canadian shipper takes the packages the rest of the way....either by Canada Post...or as with mine....CanPar.

I haven't given up hope my quilt will yet anyways.  As long as it arrives in time for spring, we will be fine.   It it doesn't arrive I will likely have to contact eBay...since they have a Global shipping centre where all items are sent to them and rerouted to their buyers.   The seller is in no way responsible for the he/she has upheld their side of the bargain.

Fingers crossed it will arrive.  In other news, I'm heading to the mainland mid week with a friend..can't wait to peruse Pier 1 and Home Sense.  I have a few things on my "list"...I hope this cushion is in just screams me!  And I want two of them!

I wish Pier 1 had shipping available...rumour has it that the option will become available in the future.   Pretty please Pier 1.  Better yet, open a store in Charlottetown!!

Back a few weeks ago Wicker Emporium closed its doors....I've read where it will be reopening here!  I hope they return to their previous merchandise and stock.  They changed pretty much all their line of furniture...and it did nothing for me.  The whole shopping experience changed when they did that...only a few select buyers would find their furniture pleasing.  I am not one of those people.  I don't understand why they changed..."it it ain't broke....don't fix it".  Obviously others a few months after the change...the store closed.  Let's hope they learned from their customers.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day!!

My sweetie gifted me with a bouquet of tulips, sugar free chocolates, a beautiful card and gift card to my favourite shops  In return he is enjoying a Valentine bag of Hershey kisses, heart shaped box of chocolates and card!

40 years and the love is just as strong!!  Have a beautiful day with the one you love!!

PS - We also received 20 cm of snow from the storm!  Mother Nature loves us just as much!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pretty Things for Spring

We are forecast to get a blast of winter weather today...30 cm of snow, ice pellets and high winds.  I'm just going to ignore the weather today...and think all things pretty for spring!

Ever notice when you freshen up one room in your starts to snowball to other rooms?  No?  It happens to me...the guest bedroom is getting some love too.  I found this pretty set on first I thought it was a duvet cover, but it's a comforter...and shams included.  Which of course, means  I need to find decorator cushions and a pretty bedside lamp.  See?  Snowball effect!

This cushion cover won't arrive in time for Valentines Day...but I plan to use it in the family room year round.  It's described as a sweater cushion cover from Pottery Barn.  Since it's no longer available on PB...I found it on e-bay.   It's a perfect size 18 x 18 inches...I only use feather cushions and have a "few" spare on hand!   

I'll post pics once everything has arrived and both bedrooms have had their spring makeovers!

I was out and about the other day...and can't help but share a few of my favourite finds...and look who I ran into!  Peter Rabbit...there is a spot on the floor to stand to take selfies with him!  Of course, I did....can you see his price tag?  $800!  Wow!  So yeah...just took a couple of pics and moved on, 

How adorable are these bird houses?  We have a bird house and just about every year...a Mama chickadee will nest and move in!  

First thing came to mind when I saw this milk can....a great holder for kitchen utensils!  Perfect for holding spatulas, wooden spoons, mashers, etc.  Mine are currently stored in the bottom half of a rooster cookie jar.  The top met it's demise a few years ago...and chances of me baking cookies is pretty much nil. 

I am obsessed with this pretty wreath!!  I'm waiting for it to go on sale or when I can use a coupon!  I like a little Easter decor...and this fits the bill.  And very spring like...

I love all things bunny!  Even had one as a child...he was actually house trained and loved to go in the car!  Since my Mom was adamant I couldn't keep him in our Aunt and Uncle kept him for me.   We discovered many years later...Peter was actually a Penelope!  

How gorgeous are these cushions?  If I had to chose one...I couldn't. 

This cute sign would be perfect for our resident gardener...Mr. Seventies loves to garden.  And I love to watch him garden.  There is great satisfaction and pride watching flowers and vegetables grow!

He would get a chuckle from this one!!

And lastly an adorable set of rain boots planter!  Or they would be cute just on their own!

All this talk of gardening and spring...and a major snow storm waiting in the wings.  Signs are starting to show though of a shift in seasons...evenings are lighter...instead of total darkness at supper time.

Monday is a provincial holiday!  Islander Day and Winter Tide (winter carnival) starts this's nice for families to have an extra day to enjoy the activities.  

Waiting for the snow to start!  Schools are ancelled in anticipation of the storm.  Hopefully no power outages!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Welcome to Monday!!

I want to give a shout out to my faithful reader and amazing sister-in-law, who is currently warming her buns in Mexico!  *sigh*  I might be a little jealous, maybe?  Naw....just kidding!  She & her hubby deserve all the warm sunshine they can soak in.  And don't give a thought to those of us who are freezing our tukists off in a -25 windchill!  Luv u both though!

What can I say?  It's February in PEI.  A "special weather" statement has been issued for Wednesday...they put those out when they have no clue what Ma Nature will throw at us...snow, ice pellets, rain...she loves to mix things up a bit for us.

With these bone chilling temps...and the brutal cold wind...I daresay I have not ventured out the door for 3 days!  And you know what that means?  More time to shop online...and I take full advantage of the cold weather!

I'm crushing hard on this beautiful wool coat...the first photo is the colour Camel...the bottom one shows a body shot of the coat.  I love the length...and have a gorgeous scarf that will go with it perfectly!

When I see a longer length this one...I snap it up quickly.  This one comes in Ecru as well...but I love the soft blue shade.  Still lots of winter I will make great use of it.

And would you guess this is a nightshirt?  Right up my alley too!!  This will be great with a pair of leggings...for kicking around the house.

All these items are from Addition Elle.  I don't really shop online as much as it seems...although Mr. Seventies and the courier drivers would disagree.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Thinking Summer Already!!

The days are flying by...let's hope that continues as I'm dreaming of warmer days and spending time on the outside decks.  There is always lots to do before that happens though.

I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been checking out patio furniture. There is so much to consider, size and use of the furniture and storing it in the off seasons.  Our storage building is in need of replacing...Mr. Seventies built it many years has seen better days.  I'm wanting to purchase an already built shed...and have it delivered.  Then the lawn mower, roto tiller, pool pump and more can be moved into it and the old building torn down.
Then there is the matter of a new roof...we've already booked the roofing company to do the job.  Not glamorous...but a necessity...and it will be good to have it replaced.

I've been checking out a few stores on line for ideas on outdoor conversation far this is up for consideration...

The rug is not included...but all cushions come with the set.   Not sure if I need/want/or would have room for the table...but something to think about.   The cushions also come in blue...but I like the punch of red.  Sometimes these sets pop up in online keeping an eye on them as well.  Of course, I will wait until all the outdoor sets go on sale.   There is a lot to consider, such as fitting on the deck, caring for the cushions, taking them off overnight and when it rains and as I mentioned, storage in the off season.   I have a bit to mull over before I make a final decision.   We spend a great deal of time outside on the decks during the investing dollars to be comfortable is a given.  

On another note, I came across this adorable bath mat...and fell  heart over heels in love with it...

I love the crotchet border and the wording says Love Yourself and I immediately ordered one!  
The cushion covers and eggplant bedskirt have arrived,  just waiting on the quilt and crotchet throw to arrive.  I'll wait til late March before switching out the master bedroom bedding.  

The seed catalogues are arriving and with that, Mr. Seventies starts planning what he want to add to the gardens this year!  I tease we may have to he is running out of room to plant flowers and shrubs!  His oral surgery went well on Tuesday and he is on the mend.  

On that note, I wish you an awesome weekend!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Too Early To Think Spring

The first day of spring just a day on the calendar.  We still have lots of winter to get through yet...but it doesn't mean a gal can't plan and dream of warmer days.

When I saw a couple of pretty items marked down at Winners....I couldn't resist...a pretty door mat for the back entry.  That space is such a strange has always been difficult to find mats that fit, but this one fits the bill.  I won't put it down until we are through the wet and muddy spring conditions.  The pretty pink cushion ( it really is more pink than the photo shows) will look awesome in the master bedroom when I switch out the bedding.  I don't think I'm the only one who changes their bed decor with the I?

One thing I have learned (the hard way)....with stores like Winners and Home Sense...if you see it and it's suitable...don't wait to pick it up.  Stock is moved and sold really fast...there is no going back later to pick it up...I can almost guarantee it will be gone.  Ask me how I know....

If you remember...this is my jumping off piece when I change out the bedding...I can't wait until it arrives..

However, I quickly realized I don't have a bedskirt in my stash that will co-ordinate with the quilt.  I'm not a fan of bedskirts...but they are currently a necessary evil.  With our previous four post bed, a bedskirt was not required.  Our new mattress and box spring sit on a frame with the padded headboard attached....a skirt is needed to cover the box spring.  A royal pain to change out Mr. Seventies assistance is required.  But...such is life.  

I decided to bring out the eggplant colour in my new quilt....and if a bedskirt was going to be required...a tailored one is my choice.  This is the one I ordered....I love Amazon!

The last thing I wanted to buy was more cushions....since I have a lot of white shams and Euro shams...I ordered cushion covers to use with cushions I already have!  Two matching eggplant covers to place on the bed...with the new pink I picked up (also marked down) Winners.  I ordered two in 18 x18 I have a number of cushions the covers will fit.  I think they are closer in colour with the bedskirt than the photo least I hope that is the case.  I an always return them if they don't suit. 

And I am so excited to see a new line of decor Bed Bath and Beyond is carrying...Bee and Willow is the name of the collection!  You will just have to check it out on their website!  I was crushing so hard on this crochet throw....I gave in and ordered it!!  I used a 20% off coupon and shipping was free...I couldn't order it fast enough!  Isn't it the most beautiful throw ever?  So excited to have it arrive...I will likely toss it on the's going to look fabulous!  (I'm a bit of an excited geek).
I'm also perusing various sites for patio furniture.  Not sure yet what I want....but you can bet I will share it with you when I do choose. We don't need an outdoor dining set....I ton't think....but we do need cover for a few hours in the mornings...I've always used a table with an umbrella.   I'm not certain if I want a free standing umbrella...if I decide to get a seating set...maybe a couple of wicker/resin chairs and small matching sofa with cushions.  Decisions...decisions...

And just a chuckle to brighten your day!   Liesel has a ruff life, don't you think?  You can see she claimed my faux fur throw this particular day!!  She's looking pretty comfortable.  I luv her to bits!

Today Mr. Seventies is undergoing oral surgery...since I will be close by in the waiting room..I have a couple of my favourite magazines to read....they came just in time! 

That's all for today...wishing you a terrific Tuesday!!  

Friday, February 1, 2019

New Spectacles and More

Welcome to February!  The one good thing about this is short.  Thirty four years ago today I lost my beloved Mom.  She was then the age I am now!  I still miss her seems like a lifetime ago she left us.   In my heart she is still with me.

Another bone chilling day here...windchill is going to warm up to -20 today!  This old gal won't be venturing too far today.  Mr. Seventies is filling the bird feeders for our feathered friends.

I don't know about where you live...but eyewear is extremely expensive here.  My last eye glasses were over $800...and they were nothing special.  I like to change up my glasses...frequently...and now order them online.  It's very simple to measurements are given of each pair...just put in your prescription and you are on your way.  I wear bifocals and always order the lenses with no visible lines and have a stigmatism in one eye...that lens usually costs a bit more.

These are the glasses I ordered a couple of days ago...

Can't wait to receive them...and shipping is free btw.  Sometimes they even have BOGO...I've ordered when they have offered that...and got a pair of prescription   There is a compartment in our SUV for they stay in the vehicle to use when I'm driving.

I took advantage of some online sales online at Joe Fresh.  It's a clothing line in a corner of Superstore...a grocery chain.  They have an online site...and both Superstore and Joe Fresh use Optimum points reward system.  I ordered a few tops and sweater...and they cost me not one dime using my points to pay.

I like turtle necks during the cold weather...and they can be worn under other tops for added warmth.  I actually chose three...royal blue, cranberry and black.

This cotton cashmere sweater is so pretty...the colour is will be so soft and warm, 

This turtleneck sweater is a lovely soft grey....

I received word the one item is out of was pretty waffle knit Peacock Blue.  A little disappointed...but may choose something else.

All of these items were on sale...but I paid with my points...and shipping was free!  That's a win in my books!