Friday, July 13, 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons....Make Lemonade!!

What was supposed to be a half day pool repair...has turned into a three day brand new pool install!

I'll back track a bit...we had the pool installed ten years ago.  At that time, there were only a couple of pool companies in business here.  You know that little voice in your head everyone has?  Well...I chose to ignore mine and went with company B.

As it turns out, Company B did not install the pool properly...we were very fortunate to have it last as long as it did.  Firstly....and the most important cement blocks were laid down to give the pool wall posts support!!

You can see here...the steel posts are resting directly on the ground!!  And all that back fill of dirt...should not be there...or not that much.  As the ground froze and thawed....the dirt would push against the pool walls....and having nothing for support...they eventually buckled!!

Another shot where you can see the posts directly on the ground.  That roll is the old pool wall ready for disposal.

It was a very extensive dismantle...but at day's end the guys packed it up and hauled it off for disposal!  They did a great clean up job.  This photo shows the buckle in the old pool wall (before it was taken down). 

This corner is where we lay a pretty outdoor rug and have a couple of inversion chairs to sit and dry off after getting out of the pool!  Right now...the styrofoam for the floor and walls of the pool await installation.  Company B did not use styrofoam at our pool sat on sand!

And speaking of sand...they will need to remove quite a bit from one side as there is a 2" difference in height from one side to the other!  Quite a slope!!  Now pool companies use laser levels to make certain everything is completely level.  

I'm glad we chose not to stain the decks prior to all this work!  Mr. Seventies will be chomping at the bit to give everything a fresh coat!

That pool ladder will not be used in the new pool...steps will be installed making it easier to get in and out!  Especially for us old folks!

So that was the end of day #1!  While it turned out to be a bit more extensive than planned...we're very happy to be having the work done and will enjoy many more years of swimming and relaxing!   An early 35th wedding anniversary gift to us!!  

Be back Monday with more pics and then we should be up and running!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Pool Repair Update

After weeks of waiting (and hot weather)...the pool company finally arrived!  Only to leave to pick up a sump pump!  (as there is water in the pool...not much...but enough that it needs to be pumped out).

I ordered a set of pool steps online...two days ago...and they arrived this morning as well!  A Canadian pool company that we've ordered from in the past.  Last summer we needed to replace the solar blanket.  Steps will make getting in and out of the pool much easier than the current ladder.
So...doing a happy dance today!

And the fabric for the slip covers arrived at the seamstress establishment!  She's busy working on getting those done now!

And the best news of all?  My peonies have bloomed!!  I wish I could keep them like this forever!!

Monday, July 9, 2018

A Trip To The Country Market

More warm temps in the forecast for today and tomorrow...the weekend weather was pretty warm as well!

Mr. Seventies and I took a short trip to a Country Market/Greenhouse over the he had a "bare spot" in one of the flower gardens..and wanted a few annuals to fill the void and add colour.  And since the market was having a 40% off better time to go!  We went before hopes it wouldn't be too busy...and it was a good call.

We browsed the huge greenhouse first...oh the smell of all the beautiful flowers was amazing!!

Nothing I love more than a gazebo...

Beautiful hanging baskets...

I'm not a fan of water fountains...but this was very nice...and huge!

Even a "faux" home exterior...crushing big time on that arch!!

Not to mention...Laurel and Hardy!!  I remember watching them on television as a child!!

Next, we did a quick tour of the market many beautiful items!

A delicious breakfast bar set up where you can purchase delicious coffee, tea & snacks!!

Part of the gift shop area...lots of unique items to choose from...

And an area where garden and cook books are sold...I see a few of which we have already...

And, outside as we were leaving...we had to check out the goats! read right.  Goats!!

Look at this little sweetie...Maisy!!  The have food inside the market you can feed them...there were a couple of cute "kids" giving them snacks!

They are so sweet and gentle...and very friendly!  I'd never been that close to goats before!

This cutie was pretty interested in munching on a bale of straw!

I ended up purchasing a "spray" for the front door!  Not that I don't love the basket arrangement I made never quite hung right on the door.  This one is perfect!  And at 60% off...too good to pass up!

And lastly...our Red Prince Weigela is in full bloom!!  Beautiful shrub!!  

Friday, July 6, 2018

Peonies are Blooming!!

First of two peony bushes are a blooming with gorgeous colour!  I just had to pick a fresh bouquet.  Now I'm not the only one who loves do ants!!  A trick I use, is once cut I plunge the flowers in a bucket of cold water and leave them for about a half hour or so.  Then rinse them again in fresh cold water...and that takes care of any ants that may be in the blossoms.  

The second peony bush has huge, pink blossoms...they resemble oversize cabbage roses.  Mr. Seventies reports it is ready to bloom any day now.  

We've had some intense heat the last few days...and while I'm not's disheartening not to have the pool operational...yet.  I was assured it would be repaired this week...and my calls and emails have gone unanswered.  I'm going to give it until next week...and if the company does not respond...I will go in..request our liner deposit be returned...and advise they have lost a customer.   At this stage, we are losing valuable summer enjoyment...and if they don't intend to show up...we will check with other pool establishments.  Which likely means an even longer wait...but frustration is getting the best of us.  I understand it's a busy time of year, especially for pool companies...but a returned phone call or email...takes mere minutes.  Even after a visit to the pool shop did not seem to accomplish much for us.  

Update on my slipcovers...I shipped my old ones off last week and they arrived safe and sound at the seamstress'.  Yesterday, I ordered the fabrics (having them shipped directly to her).  There was a change of fabric the skirting material I chose was a polyester (cotton lined)..and she wasn't sure how the polyester would work with the cotton...once washed. 

Not wanting to risk too much shrinkage with the polyester..I decided to forgo it.   Still going with this fabric for the seat and back cushions...

And this navy twill for the body of the sofa and chair.  The piping on the cushions will be piped in this navy as well.  It's a very durable, heavy cotton twill....perfect for slip covers.

I really wanted to use this fabric for the slipcover skirts...but it states it must be dry's not really conducive to our needs.  

The seamstress is going to pre-shrink all the fabric prior to sewing them.  Depending on when she receives the fabric (shipping stated 5-7 business days)...she will get started on them immediately and they will be finished the middle of the month and shipped.

Much cooler air today...showers in the forecast.  The weekend weather looks great..Mr. Seventies plans to have mulch delivered and spread in the flower gardens!  We've already had spinach from the veggie garden!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Favourite Finds

Whew!  The heat has finally arrived here....and I'm luvin' it!!  29 glorious degrees...felt like 37 with the humidex.  Could do without the humidy....but unlike other provinces...we don't get weeks or months of hot, humid weather.  So I'll take it when I can get it...and today is going to be another scorcher!

Yesterday I spent running errands, getting my nails done, picking up dog food for Liesel...ran into my favourite decor store for a half hour or so of browsing!

How adorable is this kitchen towel?  Cute long hair dachshund sporting a top hat and bow tie!  I couldn't leave it in the into my cart it went!!

I'm all about "scents"...sprays, candles and tarts are used daily!  I've purchased these pretty bottles of spray in the them!

They had new sprays in stock....picked up a couple...oh my....they are delicious smelling!  And pretty canisters too!

I'm crushing on these mason jar candles...and they smell twice as awesome!  Next visit....I'm picking up one...or two....

The seventies called...and want this light fixture back...macrame is making a comeback I hear!!

I love this farmhouse butter dish...

My old slipcovers arrive at the seamstress' shop today!  So excited she will begin working on whipping up my new ones!  In the meantime....our sofa and chair are covered in throws and blankets!  I was very disappointed with the non-durability of the fabric....for the price of the pieces...the quality of the fabric was just not there!   I'm leaving the love seat slipcovers as is, for it does not get used all that much and the fabric does not get the wear and tear like the other pieces.

Liesel and I are off for an early morning walk...before the heat sets in!!  

Monday, July 2, 2018

Front Steps are Stained

Happy Belated Canada Day!!  We had a low key weekend...content to putter around the house and property and get things done.  Finished the day off yesterday with a bar-b-que and fresh strawberries from Nova Scotia.  Island berries...will be few and far between this a late frost caused a great deal of destruction to berry crops here.

While the rest of the Maritime provinces are enduring a heat was only 13 degrees here with a cold breeze last evening...and we decided to forgo the celebratory fireworks on the water front.  We could hear them...(and could Liesel and she voiced her displeasure vocally).

Mr. Seventies put two coats of stain on the front steps on Saturday...

I'm still waiting for another solar candle to the meantime I added one to another lantern I had on hand..

And my whimsical "ool" sign is secured to the pool deck wall as you enter the pool!  

Mr. Seventies also decided to put a fresh coat of stain on the back deck steps...but will wait and do the rest hopefully once the pool is operational  With hot weather finally forecasted...hoping they do come this week and do the repairs!

I picked up a super comfy pair of casual sandals over the weekend...they are Josef Seibel sandals..I had a hard time choosing between brown or black...and finally decided on a black pair.  The are very easy to slip on and fasten...I'd been need a pair of casual sandals and these fit the bill.

Our potatoes in the vegetable garden are almost ready to blossom....the lettuce and spinach are ready now! (that's peas growing next to the potatoes).

And I marvel at the beauty of my Bridal Wreath spirea this year...simply breath taking!

And on that note, I'll leave you with a few more beautiful plants from the gardens...these blooms were covered with butterflies the other day!

Some hosts are huge!

Mixture of lupins and iris...we planted red lupins...hope they grow!!  Waiting patiently for them to make an appearance!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Repaving the Driveway

Nothing says glamorous like having your driveway repaved!  Just keeping it real!  It's been a few years since we've last had our driveway paved...and since then...the city has torn up and repaved the end of the drive three times over the years. (since they own the first x number of feet).

First time they tore everything up...including the front lawn..was to upgrade our area to add us to the city's sewer system.  Up until that point...home owners in our neighbourhood had their own septic tanks.   And regulations require home owners to have their tanks emptied and either filled with sand or removed from the property.  We opted to have ours removed...of course now we had the back lawn area dug up to remove and and the front lawn torn up to hook us on to the new system.  That meant putting in a new front lawn (at our own expense)...and the city paved the area of the drive they had destroyed.

The very next year...the city upgraded our neighbourhood connect everyone to the city water supply...rather than each home having it's own well.  Again...the front lawn and driveway was dug up...and we were connected to city water.

Now it did not matter if you chose not to connect to either of these were going to be charged a monthly fee anyways.  For example...the neighbours to the right of us...did not connect to city water...but they pay for it.  Go figure.  They will have to connect at some we now have water meters and billed for the water we use.  Which is fine for us....we use less water than say a family of five so why should we be paying the same amount.  Cheaper to only pay for the water you use.

Where was I going with all this?  Oh...yes.  Once we had the lawn and end of drive repaired for a second time...the city decided it was time to put in new culverts and sidewalks!  So...round three!

So, now the end of our drive has quite a opposed to being flat...miserable during the winter when snow and ice builds up.

I've spend the last couple of weeks getting paving quotes from paving companies...and it turns out there is quite a difference in cost.  The company we chose, has their own asphalt there is no markup on the price like there would be if a company has to purchase the asphalt and make a bit a money on the mark up.  Quite a mark up it is the tune of $600 or more.

So we chose the company that makes their own asphalt...they will level the driveway...put down a new layer of gravel base and then a layer of fresh asphalt.  Around the end of July.

And pool update...since summer has finally arrived here...of course...we want our pool up & running. I stopped in to pool shop...and was advised we are "next on the list".   Story of my life.   With rain in the forecast tomorrow and Monday being Canada's safe to say, if the weather is good...we won't see them until next week.  I was advised the new liner we chose in April has weather permitting...keeping fingers crossed we will be functional next week.

Today is my grand daughter's high school graduation in Nova motoring across the Confederation Bridge to attend the ceremonies!