Friday, September 21, 2018

Summer Is Coming to a Close

In a few days it will officially be fall!  To say the summer flew an under statement!  We had a beautiful, hot summer though...a huge shout out to Mother Nature!

The temps have dropped...the thermometer reads 6 degrees this morning...had it not been for cloud cover...I suspect we may have had frost.  Mr. Seventies has been busy the last couple of days...getting the pool ready for winter, removing the pump, putting away deck furniture...and planting of spring bulbs.  Tomorrow we are forecast for rain and high winds...a common theme in September and we usually get the tail end of storms that move up the eastern seaboard...bringing rain and winds.  We will get beautiful fall days...this is my favourite time of year...from now until Christmas.

I was out and about for a bit yesterday...seems the stores are confused whether to show case Halloween products....or Christmas decor!   Some cute inflatables...which in my mind...would last about five minutes with our winds.  But folks do put them out...and are able to secure them down...good on them.

And right directly below them?   Holiday inflatables!  Summer is barely ending...and all ready they are pushing the holidays upon us.  I understand it's retail...but it makes one feel like I'm behind in my preparations...when in fact we are weeks away from Christmas.     We haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving...although Mr. Seventies reminded me it's only three weeks away!!

While at Winners...I came across this adorable doxie cushion!  I did purchase it...but as a favour for a fellow doxie enthusiast.  She could not find one in her I offered to pick it up if I saw it here.

Still recovering from oral surgery...with the miserable forecast's a great day to snuggle up inside with a little wire hair!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Couple of Days of R & R

I underwent oral surgery...again..yesterday.  Without going into in-depth detail...a few years ago I had three dental implants and things have been working well with them.  Until I went in for my cleaning and check up in May...and a problem was detected.  

The first procedure, in June was successful for two of the three implants.  The third one was still in trouble...a skin graft was necessary...which was done yesterday.  

Hopefully, this will repair things around the implants...and I can put this issue behind me.  Once I go in for a re-check next week, we should have a time line for healing time.  

So, that's about it in a nutshell.  I was given an IV sedation and frozen during the procedure...but today I'm a bit swollen, bruised and sore.  

Will hopefully return next week feeling much better!  

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Few Fall Touches

Even though the daytime temperatures are still on the warm side...25 degrees in the forecast for today...I put up a few fall decor items over the weekend.

Mr. Seventies brought my lanterns in from the front step...I gave them a good scouring, let them dry and then cleaned the glass panels with windex.   I added a few faux leaves and pumpkins...but still need to make a couple of bows to attach to them.

The ribbon, if you remember I purchased at the thrift store.  I made a pretty bow for the front door fall wreath.

I'm going to wait until next month to set out my lanterns.  Mr. Seventies does an amazing fall display using our corn stalks, real pumpkins & a square bale of straw.  Hoping our blue pumpkins in the garden will be mature by then!

I filled my potato basket with a few faux pumpkins from Michaels...and my pretty runner adds a touch of fall to coffee table!

Pretty basket of pumpkins!!

That's about all I've accomplished so far.  Tomorrow I'm undergoing oral surgery...again.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will be the final procedure.  

Have you started fall decorating yet?  

Friday, September 14, 2018

My First Visit to IKEA

One place I had been wanting to visit was Ikea.  The closest store is in Dartmouth, NS...and when we were in NS...there wasn't time to go!

On our last day in Calgary...Mr. Seventies put in the address for the store there...and off we went!  To say the place is an understatement!   I felt like a fish out of water...everyone seemed to know what they were doing and where they were place for wide-eyed newbies like us!  But I was determined I was going to see what everyone raves about.

I'm not certain if all Ikea stores are laid out the same...but the first thing we did was go up the longest set of steps ever possible!!  Think stairway to heaven....

We get to the top...and just stand there...taking it all in.  A nudge from Mr. Seventies brought me out of my stupor...and we set off to walking.  And we walked....and walked....and walked.  So much to see...and touch.  From what I was able to fathom...if you were interested in purchasing...say a pillow...the tag on the pillow told you where to go find it!  Huh.  Couldn't just pick it up and go to check out.  After roaming (ok...we got lost...many times)...we finally had seen all we wanted to see.  I'm certain we saw no where near all of it...but the store was running get the picture.

So...we headed downstairs...delicious smells coming from their food court.  Which was right next to the checkouts....and behind the checkouts?  Nirvana!!  The holy grail of warehouses!!  Again Mr. Seventies and I stumbled around...wide eyed and mouths agape!  Nothing had prepared me for so much....stuff!!!

The first things to catch my eye...slip covered furniture!!  It took me eons to find slipcovered furniture here!!  And Ikea has been selling it for years!!  And it is gorgeous!!!

This pretty floral sofa...also came in a sectional!!!  Loved it!!!

Look at this pretty faux fireplace!!  *swoon*

I was crushing so hard on these light fixtures!!  Not only gorgeous...but extremely lightweight!!  Wishing I could have brought one home!!

This one...although plastic..would be pretty over an oval or claw foot tub!!
Really pretty lit up!

And beautiful dish cabinets...oh to have a dining room!!

And dressers in every size and colour!!

Not only pretty...but solid as well!!

This iron sturdy....$168!!!  Can you believe that??  So pretty too !

And a whole bin of faux furs!!  Been thinking about getting one for Liesel to snooze in front of the pellet stove this winter!!

My final thoughts on Ikea..awesome store!  But would find it much simpler...for things that I would want or order on line or from their catalogue.  If we were a young couple...just starting out...Ikea would be perfect.  Other than soft home goods...and home decor...I probably wouldn't make a special trip.  But I am happy to say I've finally got to visit an Ikea store!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Few More Vacation Photos

The drive between Canmore and Banff is gorgeous!  We stopped at a huge trading post mid-way...where we filled up with gas and snacks for the remainder of the trip to Banff.  There is a restaurant and accommodations if you chose to spend some time there!  Love the log cabin!!

An impressive bear carving I stopped to admire!!

There were cute benches where you could sit and enjoy the marvellous views!!  Just check out those mountains in the back ground!!  

After a brief rest stop, we made our way to...


The most beautiful ski resort town!  Most of the summer tourists had left...but there were still many, many vacationers, like us, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery, shopping and restaurants.  And dozens of tour buses filled the streets!

The big season in Banff, of course is skiing and snowboarding which typically starts in November.  We were there just at the right time to enjoy exploring and sight seeing!

We spent a couple of days in Banff!!  Was sad to say goodbye...but we wanted to take in the beauty of Lake Louise!!  She did not disappoint!!

Just look how pretty the lake water is...most of the rivers and lakes were a pretty aquamarine!

So many tourists and bus tours around that day...people from all over the world flocking to Lake Lousie with cameras and cell phones in hand for photos!!

Again, it was hard to say good bye to the beauty of Lake Louise...but we made our way to Jasper.  I have to admit, the best part...was the drive there along the Glacier Highway.  Some of the most breath taking views were between Lake Louise and Jasper! 

Amazing to see the glaciers!!  There were areas along the route where you could park your vehicle and take photos!  There isn't a camera built though, in my opinion, that could capture the magnitude and beauty of the rocky mountains!

I was very excited to see elk grazing freely as we were leaving Jasper!!

A huge buck across the road...keeping a watchful eye on the herd!!

We left Jasper and spent a wonderful evening in Edmonton...having dinner with my husband's niece and her boyfriend before heading back to Calgary to catch our flight home.  We had planned to check out the West Edmonton mall...but it was raining & a weekend...and the place was crazy with traffic and people.  We decided to forgo that decision. 

I did have an opportunity to browse IKEA in Calgary...and snapped a few photos, which I'll share tomorrow.  It was my first visit to an IKEA store...and it did not disappoint!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Best Vacation Ever!!!

Mr. Seventies and I returned from a scenic vacation to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta!!  Words or pictures do not do them I won't post too many photos.

We started our vacay near the ocean in Nova Scotia...firstly attending a beautiful family wedding...and a trip to Peggy's Cove the very next day!  Many tourists was a gorgeous day...we enjoyed walking about and seeing the sights!

The next day we flew from Halifax into Calgary...arriving early in the evening (their time)...late in the evening for us.  It is a long flight - 5 hours...that was the only downfall.  We picked up our rental car and checked into a hotel close to the airport for a good nights sleep before we headed to Canmore the next morning.

Pictures do not do the Rocky Mountains justice...they are breathtaking!!  Some folks like the ocean views, salt water and sand...not me!!  Give me that fresh mountain air any day!!

The first stop on our vacation was Canmore...the most rustic, quaintest town ever!!  Just look at that mountain view!!  We parked our vehicle and walked down one side of the main street and up the other!

One of the cutest shops ever!!  Downtown shops of full of chunky sweaters, cozy slippers, and great rustic home decor.  Mr. Seventies had to keep reminding me we only had so much space in our luggage!!

Not s sign you see in windows in PEI!!   Lots of wild life in Alberta...and many signs posted asking home owners to remove fruit from their trees and veggies from their as not to attract bears into the town!!  It is hibernation time for the they are looking to fill their bellies for their long winter nap!!

Most of the homes in Canmore are chalet rustic and beautiful!  Wish I had taken a bunch of photos...but didn't want to creep people out taking pictures of their!

We spent a few hours in Canmore and are so happy we did.  It is my favourite spot of all. 

Next on our vacation tour...Banff!!  And if you think Canmore is stunning...Banff is breath taking!  We spent two days...that is how much we enjoyed it!!  Most of the summer tourists have left...but the town was crowded with numerous bus tours and folks like us who wanted to avoid the summer crowds.  Banff is gearing up for it's big & snowboard season.  Which really doesn't get started until November!  Because the mountain air is so doesn't hold heat at night. Most nights dipped down to 3-4 degrees...but warmed up to 23-24 during the days!

Will be back tomorrow with a few photos of Banff...and the icing on the cake...Lake Louise and driving the Glacier Highway!!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Technically It's Still Summer....

But signs of seasons changing are upon us.  The sun is later coming up in the morning...and earlier going down in the evenings.  Overnight temperatures are much cooler...having to close most windows to keep the chill out.  The daytime temps are still very nice.

And its Labor Day weekend...a sure sign that fall is just around the corner.  Schools start for the year next week..and this will be the last big hurrah for tourists.  Most will head home...back to their busy lives.

I was out and about and found some spectacular fall decor.  This gorgeous runner caught my will look beautiful on my large coffee table...just look at the vibrant colours!

Crushing hard on these pretty pumpkins...I didn't  purchase I have to take stock of what fall decor I currently have.  But these were hard to leave behind.  I just love how they come in a variety of colours now!  

This little sign gave me a chuckle!!  

And no spree would be complete without seeing a few doxie things!!  I couldn't resist purchasing this adorable coffee mug for Mr. Seventies!  Inside says "Little Devil"...

I showed photos of these items to a fellow doxie fanatic...and she ran right out and purchased both!  Nice to help someone else with their!  I had considered buying the for Liesel's growing toy collection...but we have a bone shaped toy box that seems to suffice. 

Remember when I posted about making the outdoor Christmas "cupcakes"...look what I found at a local 50% off.  $5.15 for all three!! Just exactly what I was looking for..right size and everything!   They just need a coat of  spray paint in Christmas colours...  

When I was at the thrift shop the other day...I found these little red sparkly balls...perfect for the cherry on top of the cupcakes!!  And they were marked down an additional 25%!!

Mr. Seventies was using the spray foam the other day for a project outside (same spray I will be using as "icing" on the cupcakes) and while it does spray turns yellow as it hardens.  I will definitely have to spray paint the foam once it dries in the pots...but I suspected I would need to anyways.  

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!!!