Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Outdoor Sled Project

I've been wanting an old sled to use outside with our Christmas decorations.  My favourite haunt in Summerside just happens to have a couple....see the smaller one on the right?  That's going to be mine.  Since son-in-law works close by...he's picking it up for me!

Depending on it's condition...I may give it a coat of paint to freshen it up...or decorate it and leave as is.

Mr. Seventies and I had a low key anniversary...I'm coming down with a cold.  More annoying than anything.  I will share this beauty he gifted anniversary ring.  And a huge bouquet of white roses.  He spoils me!

While I receive bling...he enjoys gift cards to his favourite craft beer establishment!

As well as cards to Ray's Barber Shop...

We didn't go out to dinner...chose to have fresh veggies from the garden and a barbecue at home.  It was a beautiful fall day...Mr. Seventies completed a number of outside tasks...readying gardens for winter.

Our next milestone is Mr. Seventies birthday next week!!  Keeping with the gardening theme...this cake is being made by Candies Creations...great bakery and lunch counter...(he doesn't read the feel safe sharing photo)...he is going to love the theme!

Then...on November 9th...grandbaby gender reveal!!  So excited to know if we are keeping in the pink tradition or buying blue for the first time!!  Either way...will be thrilled!

I dropped into Home Sense...and scored a few more pieces of Christmas decor.  I'll get some photos and share in another post.  Just a few small pieces...I probably should see what I have already...I forget from year to year. 

I'm going to nurse this cold today...and see if I can't get clear of it.  I know the rule of thumb is three days to get the cold...three days to have it...and three days to run it's course.  I'm not sure what stage I'm at...but hope this is as bad as it will get!

Have an awesome day!!

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